Gear, Software, and VST I own



Presonus Eris 5 speakers

Sennheiser HD 280 pro headphones

Crate Bx-200 pre-amp & amp cabinet for Bass

Jazz Standard electric bass

Peavey Vypyr guitar amp

Honeytone mini guitar amp

Squire Mini-Strat electric guitar 

Gammon Percussion drumset




STL Ocarina 12 hole tenor keyed in C

Ephiphone acoustic guitar 

Fender acoustic guitar 

Oscar Schmidt electric acoustic guitar

Diamond Head ukulele 

3 Sennheiser e835 dynamic microphones 

Shure Sm 58 dynamic microphone 

AKG C214 condenser microphone 

Novation Launchkey 61 midi keyboard 

Akai MPD 226  padded midi controller 

Focusrite Scarlett 2i4  audio interface 

Avid Fast Track Duo audio interface 

Macbook Pro 




Logic Pro X (for composing, playing piano, orchestral, film, and game composition, etc.)

Ableton live 10 producer standard (for sampling, beatmaking, Pop, Hip-Hop, sound design, pre production, game composition, electronic based music, super fast workflow etc.)

Pro Tools standard (for recording, editing, mixing, and mastering.)

Reaper64  standard license (for recording, editing, mixing, mastering, sound design, pre and post-production, and game composition.) 

Sibelius 8 (for scoring, notating, transposing, lead sheets, conductor sheets, etc.)

Audacity (for quick audio edits)

Wwise (middleware used to integrate my music and sound into a game, just in case) 

Myriad audio batch converter (file management for sound design, pre and post-production, mastering, coding mp3's, wav's etc.) 




EastWest Composer Cloud 

Kontakt 10 

Slate Digital Everything Bundle 

Sausage Fattener 

Waves Gold Bundle (getting soon) 

Trophies by Bryan Michael Cox (getting soon) 

Garritan Abbey Road CFX Concert Grand (getting soon)

RX6 (getting soon)






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