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July 15, 2018

What's good my fellow rappers out there? Dropped a couple new beats this week on Beatstars! 'Gaseous Clay' a pre-clone Gucci Mane type beat (reminiscent of his Ice Attack stuff), and 'Aqueous Ripples', which is sort of a tip of the hat to MF DOOM and MF Grimm! also added 3 new beats from my recent beat tape 'Nice Skulltula'. 'Before the Satellites', 'Stone Tower Temple', and '97 Shittang', are all up for non-exclusive leasing and perhaps exclusive depending on the offer.


Rappers/Singers/Artists out there man I kid you not, I'm really trying to make contacts and build up relationships, and really network out there with music people! Doesn't even necessarily have to be about buying my beats either! Let's share and boost each others music (if we vibe with the music) ya know mutual growth! 


However if there any of you interested in buying/leasing any beats from me. I got a solid catalog up right now on my Beatstars pro page, and I'm only going to get better from here! I do other producing services as well, and a little engineering (especially if you're local to me)! So yeah any Artists looking for production/engineer services out there or Artists/Producers looking to collab on a beat/song/production. Contact me via email and find me on about any major social media or music platform as 'Nice Skulltula'

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