Nice Skulltula (Beat Tape)

July 15, 2018

My beat tape has been out for a little over a month now, and I'm surprised and grateful some of the recognition it has received so far! A month later I'm still extremely proud of this work especially the way the Spotify version turned out. The album was published under CD Baby Pro, and I love the way they operate. Through them the music has been distributed to every streaming platform! My favorite platforms for streaming it are Spotify, Youtube, and Soundcloud! Then for digital and/or physical purchases I use Bandcamp just cause they are awesome!


The songs on the album that I am still really in love with (well all of them sorta) but my top 3 for me would be 'Ocean Voices', '97 Shittang', and 'I've Been in My Mind'. Ocean Voices I ardently keep close because it's so personal, I was singing the hook to myself. Being that it also sounds like Brian Wilson doing Hip Hop/Pop mash up with ambient soundtrack elements. '97 Shittang'  the last song I completed for the album was just so fun man! I made the beat, laid down the vocals, and mixed in mastered in one day so easy and such spontaneous inspiration. The song I feel has a lot of J Dilla with Daft Punk meets The Beach Boys. Now 'I've Been in My Mind' was a sample from Kim Jung Mi's song 'Haenim', and me singing the vocal lyrics from Neil Young's 'Heart of Gold' as an outro hook. That song I am still so proud of cause that was the first time I'd ever absolutely flipped a sample before (dang I need to get back on that..)

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