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July 27, 2018

Recently I've been itching to give streaming on Twitch a try!  I watch streamers on Twitch myself and when I'm not making music gaming is what I mostly do so why not stream while I play right?! The 20th anniversary of Ocarina of Time is coming up really soon and I don't know a better way to pay my respects then stream a full play through of the game. I actually want to do a run through of all the 3d Zelda games (with the addition of 'A Link to the Past'). If I can gain any sort of following during this time I will more than likely also invest in a capture card and stream my Switch gameplay (especially with all the new games coming out at the end of the year). I am going to start my first stream and practice here within the next hour! I will be streaming Paper Mario 64 tonight, and in the future many other retro favorites of mine and even ones I always wanted to play but never had the chance. For anyone interested in following or subscribing to me here are my Youtube and Twitch profiles! 


Youtube: Nice Skulltula 

Twitch: NiceSkulltula 

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