Dawn's Highway (Beat Tape)

October 22, 2018


Damn sure is about that time again! Started dusting of and cutting up all the samples in the library a couple weeks ago! Similar to my first beat tape Nice Skulltula, this project will consist of a combination of sampled Hip Hop instrumentals and original compositions. Dawn's Highway I have December 3rd set for the release of the project! This beat tape is going to focus on a lot of winter vibes, ambient soundscapes, introspective, and emotional pieces. The track list size I have 10-13 tracks planned out and we will see closer to finalization what makes the cut and what doesn't. 


My Beatstars production won't slow down too much as a result of this and I do intend to post a blog of the schedule I will be releasing beats. A few of the beats on the album will end up in my catalog of course! I will also be discussing my licenses and why I chose those prices etc. 

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