Twitch Journey! (so far)

October 22, 2018

Tell me in the game streaming world where is the a better platform then Twitch?! I started streaming on Twitch a couple months ago and man has it been an amazing experience so far! 


The main reason that finally got me into streaming other than just simply loving to play games and wanting to share that love. A video a watched on Youtube uploaded by Kurtiss King TV. Where he presents the idea what if music is the least boring part of your life as a music maker! The whole video presents that you can use yourself as a personality and the many things that are interesting about you allowing the person to get to know you before they even hear your music. That really resonated with me and that is what made me start streaming on Twitch. Video games is something that I'm really good at and knowledgable enough to have a voice within that subculture. I use this as a way to connect with people and possibly they listen to my music without me having to hard sell or be concerned about the traffic period!


Examples of how I've seen positive feedback from that is using my stream cues on Twitch. I always get a question or a compliment on them and most of the time leads to them looking up my music. I've had instances where I was asked to play the full songs on stream and whispers telling me how much they enjoyed my music! Being that I want to compose music for video games just as much as love making beats and producing music if not more I feel this is a great way to network! 


With all that being said this is why I recommend to future clients, employers, and/or fans checking out my streams or my Twitch channel is one of the best if not the best way to get to know me! By the way Twitch has one of the best community in the worlds (and you can build your own!) What Beatstars is for producers is what Twitch is for gamers!




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