OOT 20th Anniversary Approaching!

October 26, 2018


People! Zelda fans! 2018 the 20th anniversary of one of the greatest if not the greatest video game ever made! Now we are less the a month away from the date when Ocarina of Time was released! November 21, 1998 was the launch date of this game and man was it groundbreaking! First time I remember playing the game demo in store somewhere on one of those little arcade setups and well yeah that was it for me. OOT and it's soundtrack especially became a part of my DNA! All of Koji Kondo's music is like a part of my DNA really but that's it's own blog topic in itself. 


I'm so excited to pay my tribute by doing one of my annual Legend of Zelda play throughs! Where I play all of the Zelda games and try to do them chronologically. If not all the Zelda games then definitely the original 3D Zelda games without a doubt especially OOT! This is a stream that I've really been looking forward to and believe me I've been itching to play! For the celebration I will be streaming OOT on it's release date anniversary, and I will be doing a 100% completion of it on stream. More than likely I will be streaming it all day that day! After completing that I will keep going on down the line 100% completing Majora's Mask and the other 3D Zelda games!


Anybody that is a huge Zelda fan and would love to join in the fun you are more than welcome to check my Twitch channel out and get to know me beforehand! I'd love to play and share this game with people and hear their experiences, accomplishments, and love of these beautiful games! 












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