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October 27, 2018

Okay so... I did a thing... I got me a USB N64 controller to use for my streams! Now I will be able to 64 games exponentially easier (phew)! This will work great for me until I am able to purchase the necessary capture card for all my Nintendo streams. I've been meaning to get a capture card for streaming my Switch games but there hasn't really been any convenient times to do such. No worries though because of the wondrous beauty of emulators and roms! Despite the good news of this I have also decided to put NES and SNES games on hold until I've gotten controllers for them as well. Which will be soon because I do want to finish my blind play through of 'A Link to the Past' before starting my 'Ocarina of Time' run coming up next month.


My channel has had a little bit of a makeover and I'm still experimenting with my current equipment setup. I've noticed the audio issues varies at times. Sometimes my mic will come in hot and clip during stream and other times it can be really weak and difficult to adjust volume. Pressing forward with these issues will be a simple trial and error tampering with the compressor settings and the mic itself. I do study a little audio engineering everyday just because I'm a music producer so I assure that won't take long! 

Schedule changes have been made to fit my current work, music, and streaming life. Here is my streaming schedule below! 


Sunday: 1am-Anything goes 

Tuesday: 1am-Banjo Kazooie  

Thursday: 1am- Pokemon Soul Silver 

Saturday: 1am- Anything goes  

Saturday: 11am- Anything goes  




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